Stimulating Summer Activities for Gifted Kids

Question: My gifted fifth-grader just loves to learn new things. Where can I find stimulating programs for her this summer? -- Gifted Child

Answer: Of course, there are loads of online programs that are appealing to gifted students. Many will be challenging. Another intriguing possibility is for gifted children in elementary, middle and high school to take part in a gifted program at a local college. Plus, there are residential programs for gifted children. The best part of these programs is the opportunity to associate with other gifted children. Interacting with other gifted children while doing projects and/or studying new topics can be very stimulating.

You can look for these programs at local colleges. You also will find information about gifted programs at the websites of the National Society for the Gifted & Talented ( and the resource directory of the National Association for Gifted Children ( In addition, state websites for the gifted and talented will usually have information about programs.