Parents Must Play a Role in Homework

Question: How can I best help my children learn to handle their homework? How much should parents be involved? -- Wondering

Answer: Whether you like it or not, you will have to play a role in helping your children handle homework. The sooner you put them on the path to handling homework by themselves, the happier you both will be. Check to see if you are doing what is necessary to make your children responsible for their homework. This is a parents' checklist:

  • -Teach your young children how to use an assignment pad to write down what each day's homework is.
  • -Emphasize reading and rereading directions before starting each assignment so your children will know what to do.
  • -Show your children how to handle difficult assignments by studying similar work in textbooks and class worksheets.
  • -Provide help only when it is requested, and they have really tried to do the work.
  • -Set an agreed-on time to start homework.

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