Finding Good Programs for Young Gifted

Question: I would like some information about good programs for young gifted students. I am looking for programs for my second grade son who really needs to have more intellectual stimulation. Where can I find some solid sites online? -- Mother of a Genius

Answer: Your best immediate resources are local, not online. Find out from your child's teacher what he or she can do to offer more challenging assignments in the classroom. Also find out if the school has any special programs for gifted children. Beyond this, investigate what programs are offered at local museums and local colleges.

Joining a local gifted organization is a smart move that you should take. You will then be able to connect with parents who have children the same age as your son. These parents will be a great resource for finding quality gifted programs in your area. Plus, some of these children may turn out to be great playmates for your son.

You can find the names of many helpful websites online at the American Psychological Association website ( Just search for "Gifted Education Websites." Ask the teacher for websites, too.