Decision Time for College Admission and Stress

Question: Our daughter is totally stressed out about being admitted to college since she has not yet heard from any of the schools where she applied. How can we calm her down? - Too Stressed

Answer: Tell your daughter that 80 percent of all students are admitted to the college that is their first choice - and that the number is even higher if students who apply to very selective schools are not considered. To ease your daughter's anxiety, have her contact all the colleges she applied to in order to make sure her applications have been received and to find out when she will receive a decision on her admission.

To avoid the stress your daughter is experiencing, it is advisable for high-school seniors to apply to at least one school that is a "sure admission" because their grades and test scores are well above the minimum required. If your daughter has done this, she should be confident about being admitted to a college. If not, she still has time to apply to many colleges where she is certain to be admitted.