My child was all set to become a veterinarian. All she has talked about for years is working with animals. Now that she is a junior, she has decided that she doesn't think that this is the right career for her. I suggested that she talk to her counselor about careers, but she doesn't want to. I want her to make the right career choice for herself before she goes to college. -- Choosing a Career


Why has your daughter changed her mind about being a veterinarian? Was it simply a childhood dream, or had she actually done some work with animals? In any case, it is not essential for her to be settled on a career before she enters college. Many college students do not make this decision before they graduate and test the job market. There are some careers, however, that require an early decision, as certain required courses should be taken from the start of the freshman year. Being a veterinarian is certainly one of them.

Now is a good time, however, for your daughter to begin to think of career possibilities. Talk up her visiting with the counselor, as the counselor can provide solid ideas on how to explore different careers. If she doesn't want to talk to the counselor right away, the counseling office should have some good information on choosing a career. There are also some tests that the counselor could give her that would help her see what areas might be good career possibilities for her.