What is the best major for a child to study in college today? -- Curious


The truly best major for a child really boils down to what he or she is interested in and what lifestyle the child wants. Undeniably, some college majors result in far higher paying jobs than others. Here are Time magazine's list of the best- and worst-paying careers: The Best Paying

10. Mining and Mineral Education

9. Metallurgical Engineering

8. Mechanical Engineering

7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

6. Electrical Engineering

5. Chemical Engineering

4. Aerospace Engineering

3. Mathematics and Computer Sciences

2. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration

1. Petroleum Engineering The Worst Paying

10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs

9. Visual and Performing Arts

8. Communication - Disorders Sciences and Services

7. Studio Arts

6. Drama and Theater Arts

5. Social Work

4. Human Services and Community Organizations

3. Theology and Religious Vocations

2. Early-Childhood Education

1. Counseling and Psychology