We plan to turn off our TV for National TV Turn-off Week. Our children are against this. What do you think of this idea? - No TV


If you turn your set off, it is a good time to evaluate if television is interfering with your children completing their homework. Here's what several students told us about watching television and doing their homework:

Ann: Television actually inspires me to get my homework done because my parents won't let me watch it until my homework is done.

Jane: I study in front of the television when I have easy homework. It does slow me down, but it doesn't stop me from getting my work done correctly.

Mark: I feel as though television always makes me put off my homework until the last minute, and then the pressure is overwhelming. I can always find a good show, which makes television very addicting.

Shari: Television has no impact on my study habits. When I have work to do, I just do it. I spend more time on the phone than watching television.

Mary: I rarely have time to watch television as I have so many afterschool activities. When I do homework, I like to have absolute quiet so I can concentrate.