What are the secrets to helping your children get good grades in school? - Grade Conscious


Don't believe for a minute that your children have to be geniuses to get mostly A's and B's in school. That's a myth. A willingness to work hard and focus on doing their best will produce good grades for most children. Your actions and attitudes also directly influence how successful they will be in school. Here are our ABC's of ways to ensure your children receive top grades:

A - Attend all school functions.

B - Be aware of the damage that you will cause by telling your child that he or she is stupid. The child may believe you.

C - Communicate the importance of education, hard work, self-discipline and responsibility to your child. The ideals children hold are closely related to success in school.

D - Don't criticize a teacher, textbook or school in front of your child, as the child will adopt your attitude.

E - Encourage your child to talk about what happened at school each day.

F - Fix your child a good breakfast every day.

G - Good readers are made, not born. Read to your child for 10 minutes every day.

H - Help your child learn how to get organized for school the night before.

I - Impress upon your child the importance of a good attendance record.

J - Join the parent-teacher organization at your child's school.

K - Keep up with what is happening at your child's school.

L - Lying for your child is not acceptable. Don't write fake excuses.

M - Monitor the amount of television and the type of programs your child watches.

N - Never do homework or projects for your child. Instead, help your child learn how to handle them.

O - Observe the work your child brings home from school each day.

P - Praise something in every bit of work that your child brings home, even if you can only say how neatly his or her name is written.

Q - Quiet corners in your home encourage study. Set up a special study area for your child.

R - Request conferences with teachers or counselors when trouble begins to appear. Don't wait until a full-blown problem develops.

S - Send a happy, well-rested, well-organized and appropriately dressed child off to school each morning.

T - Take your child to the library on a regular basis.

U - Understand that learning is not always easy and that your child might need help at times.

V - Value your child as an individual. Never compare a child to a brother or sister or another child.

W - Work with your child's teacher. Be a partner, not an adversary.

X - X is often an unknown ingredient. It's the extra-special things that you will do to help your child succeed in school.

Y - You are your child's most important teacher.

Z - Zip it all up with love. Love gives zest to life.