Why don't parents realize that times are different from when they were growing up? All parents want their children to do better than they did. But the way they go about doing it is all wrong. Parents need to loosen up about our grades. They are important, but a "B" is OK! It means "above average."

Parents believe that the more they push the better their children will do in school. This is not always the case. Often, the harder parents push, the faster kids fall behind. -- Teenager


Obviously, pushing children to do better in school is not always an effective strategy. And, as you say, it can backfire, especially if it is not based on what a child can realistically achieve. At the same time, without parents' emphasis on grades, many teens would not do the quality of work that will get them admitted to college and help them earn scholarships. Plus, for most children, simply doing their homework and paying attention in class usually leads to an honor roll performance.

"B" grades, as you say, are OK. For most students, they show a dedication to doing well in school.