After reading your column on enrichment alternatives for gifted children, I wanted to tell parents that online availability of classwork is perhaps the most underutilized format to help gifted children. (1) They can do this work in their regular classroom. (2) It is run by an outside agency, thus alleviating teacher burden. (3) Many universities have online classes available; some start as early as elementary school, even kindergarten. You can find out about these programs by visiting college Web sites such as the University of Missouri (cdis.missouri.edu) and Stanford University (www-epgy.stanford.edu).

Finally, the American Psychological Association has Web pages dedicated to resources for gifted children, including many programs especially designed to identify, challenge and encourage them. Visit www.apa.org/ed/cgepweblinks.html to view these resources. -- Ph.D. in Educational Psychology


Each and every day, the enrichment and informational resources for gifted children grow, especially online. If parents of gifted children surf the Web, they are sure to find challenging educational programs their children can work on in regular classrooms or use at home. More ideas about educational opportunities for the gifted can also be found through parental participation in organizations for the gifted in their state. Plus, many colleges have summer programs for gifted children.