We've hit a brick wall. My seventh-grader needs help with pre-algebra, and I can't help her. Her math grades need to improve so she can take algebra next year. What can be done? -- Math Difficulty


If your daughter has been having problems all year with math, some tutoring might be necessary to get her up to speed. You and your daughter should have a conference right away with her math teacher to determine exactly what kind of help your child needs, as well as what she needs to do. Sometimes, simply paying closer attention in class and taking notes on what is being discussed can turn things around. If homework is started in class, the teacher should be able to provide some help to get your child working in the right direction. Your daughter might also need to spend more time on homework.

If your daughter's math problems are recent, working with a classmate, a tutor or the teacher might be sufficient to help her conquer her difficulties with math.