What lists would you use in finding books that young children would like to read? -- Book Lover


There are many lists that can make this task rather daunting. You might want to start by looking at the lists developed at your local library. They are likely to have books that have some local flavor and those that are popular with their patrons. Also, be sure to talk to the children's librarian. This individual will have good suggestions for you.

The American Library Association has lists of award-winning books. Visit the organization's Web site at www.ala.org and search for the "Notable Children's Books List." Another good Web site is that of the International Reading Association at www.reading.org. Search here for the "Children's Choices" lists. These books are actually selected by children, so you know that other children liked them.

Finally, we suggest talking to the parents of your children's friends. Find out from them what books their children like.