How do you get your children interested in reading the newspaper? - Newspaper Promoter


Every year during the month of March there is one week designated as Newspaper in Education Week. Many teachers across the country will use the newspaper sometime during this month, especially in reading and social-studies classes. Help your children's teachers make the newspaper an important learning tool for them, and you will be giving your children a wonderful reading habit.

A good way to introduce your children to the habit of reading the newspaper is to start by teaching they to become more familiar with the information that they'll be able to find in the newspaper. Your young children can tell you stories about pictures they see in the paper; they can also circle letters or words that they recognize. Older children can discuss with you such current events as the selection of candidates for the presidential race, the war in Iraq and economic issues.

The comics are fun for everyone to read, and there are always some different puzzles that you could work together. Older children can read the advice columns, especially teenage advice columns, and then talk about how they might have answered the questions.

For a bit of history, visit the Web site www.loc.gov/chroniclingamerica/ with your children. This site lets you read newspaper pages from 1900 to 1910. And to have your children work on geography, visit www.nieonline.com. Each week, there are five geography questions based on major news events.