Is the newspaper a good teaching tool in the classroom? How can I get my children more interested in reading it? - For Print


The newspaper has been called a living textbook, as its information is always current. Your children need to become familiar with the contents of the newspaper so they can take advantage of this helpful resource both today in the classroom and in the future. Plus, the more they see what newspapers have to offer, the more likely they are to become lifelong readers. Here are two activities that you can do with your children to hook them on reading the newspaper and to teach them more about it and the world.

The Faces Game: Do your children know what today's world leaders look like? Do they know their names and titles? Do they know who prominent national, state and local politicians are? Clip pictures of a few of these people from today's paper, and have everyone guess who these people are. Then on another day, let the children select the pictures for you to identify. The evening meal is a good time to play this game.

A Scavenger Hunt: Give your children different sections of the newspaper. The one who finds and circles the greatest number of the following items in a minute or two is the winner: today's date, a wire service article, a local article, name of a city in your state, a community event, a byline, a filler (short article to fill space), the name of a wire service, a headline, and the name of the president, city mayor or state governor.