My grandkids are 10 and 12 years old. The 12-year-old has a great deal of trouble with reading and spelling. He seems to do exceptionally well with rote learning, is an excellent listener and is highly motivated to achieve. The 10-year-old is behind, but she has better skills and has been able to show slow, but steady improvement.

The teachers feel they try hard and are cooperative.

I'd like to help them so they will be better able to handle the more difficult material they'll encounter in the upper grades. - Fond Grandmother


So much of the secret to success in school is the willingness to work hard. Your grandchildren have demonstrated this special ability and are likely to continue having success in school because of their attitudes.

While work does become more difficult in the upper grades, it is still based on what children have learned earlier. And your grandchildren probably have an adequate background to handle it.

The children are lucky to have a grandmother who is eager to help them. Your pride in their accomplishments is certainly helpful. You might want to engage a tutor who could help your grandson improve his reading and spelling skills. This person should be very knowledgeable in working with children who have reading problems.