My child, a visual learner, has just started second grade. I help him learn new words through use of a word wall. When he tries to read a story, he can't remember the words that he knew earlier on the wall. What can I do to help him remember new words better? -- Reading Problem


First of all, expand the visual approach you're using with your son by using flash cards and games. He especially needs to be reading these words in stories. This is very important. If he can't read the words, have him try to figure out what some of them are by sounding them out and using the context. If he struggles a lot with a word, simply tell him what it is. Vary this approach by reading stories aloud with him. And always have him read a passage several times before going on to the next one. Plus, a story should be read for several days -- not just once.

Be aware that even if your son is a visual learner, everyone is capable of doing some learning through other learning styles. Most successful learners are not restricted to one learning style. To help your son learn new words, you are going to have to use other approaches, as the visual approach by itself is not working. Make sure he hears the words, says them and writes them, too.