Is it really helpful to read to children every day? - No Reader


The true secret to helping your children want to become readers is simply to read to them every day. You don't have to spend more than 15 minutes a day in order for the stories you read to pay enormous dividends when your children enter school. They will have the largest vocabularies and longest attention spans in their classes, as well as a great interest in learning to read. It's just as important to read aloud to your older children throughout elementary school and into high school.

You don't want to just read anything to your children. Although an infant won't care if you are reading the phone directory or a nursery rhyme, your choice of materials soon becomes important. Babies and preschoolers need stories with lots of rhymes and repetition. School children need to hear stories that are beyond their reading level. The older they are, the more complicated the plot should be. Then both reader and child will find the selections enjoyable.