What are some of the most popular children's books? - Book Lover


If you give your children books that other children have loved, it is one very good way to interest them in reading. Here are the top 10 books or series chosen by kids in a National Education Association poll:

1. "Harry Potter" (series)

2. "Goosebumps" (series)

3. "Green Eggs and Ham"

4. "The Cat in the Hat"

5. "Arthur" (series)

6. "Charlotte's Web"

7. "Shiloh" (trilogy)

8. "Hatchet"

9. "Holes"

10. "The Giver"

If you visit the NEA Web site at www.nea.org/readacross/parents.html, you will find the rest of this list of 100 books, as well as many other reading lists, monthly reading resources and ideas for getting involved in your children's education.