I know that being able to read well leads to success in school. How can I make reading fun for my children this summer. - A Reader


The more your children read this summer, the more proficient they will become at reading. And if you can devise ways to make reading fun for your children, they will be more eager to read. Here are some suggestions for summer reading fun:

Library Programs: Younger children can enjoy story hours, and older children can participate in summer reading clubs. Because many libraries award prizes for the number of books children read, they have an incentive for reading more.

Online Web sites: Go online at home or in a library, type "summer reading programs," and a search engine will give you many choices. The Book Adventure Web site at www.bookadventure.org is for children in grades K-8. Besides having a list of books for children to read, the children take quizzes on books they have read and win prizes.

Magazines: Subscribe to magazines like Sports Illustrated for Kids or Highlights for Children in your young child's name. Also, subscribe to some magazines that appeal to your older children.