My first-grader brings home a list of reading words each week that I am supposed to help her learn. I help her read them and have her write them down several times, but she still can't remember all the words. What more can I do? - Reading Problem


Many of the words your daughter is now learning are sight words that must be memorized. To do this, your child needs considerable practice in reading them. Find out if the words are coming from your daughter's reader, and ask the teacher to let your child bring the book home so that she will be able to practice reading the words in context. You should read the books together each evening.

Give your child even more practice with these words by having her play popular children's games with them. For example, to play the card game Old Maid, make two cards for each word your daughter is learning plus one Old Maid card. Deal out all the cards. The dealer begins by spreading his or her cards face down and offering them to the player on the left, who selects a card. If it makes a pair with a card in the player's hand, the pair is discarded. This player then offers his or her hand to the next player, and so on. The loser of the game is the person who has the Old Maid when all the other cards have been discarded.