My granddaughter is in first grade. She can easily read books like "Green Eggs and Ham." She also seems to have good phonics skills, as she can figure out words like "adventure." However, when she writes, she still reverses letters such as "b" and "d." And sometimes, she confuses them in her reading. Is there any way to help her stop reversing letters? -- Reversals


There are several ways to help reduce reversals. However, time usually does the job. There is no real need to be very concerned unless a child is doing this beyond third grade. Most beginning readers and writers reverse some letters.

One way to help your granddaughter would be to overteach one letter that she frequently reverses. For example, you could concentrate on "b" by having her trace the letter and then write it. This will help in writing the letter. Writing reversals usually go away when cursive is introduced.

To recognize the difference in reading frequently reversed letters, you can write the same word three times and then one that is different using the reversed letters. You could write: bay, bay, day, bay. Ask her first how the words are similar and then different. Do this with many word combinations.