How can I keep my 6th grade son's math skills sharp during the summer months? - Concerned


When your child returns to school in the fall, his teachers will spend several weeks helping him get back the skills that he lost during the summer. The worst losses occur in the retention of math facts and spelling words. This does not happen to all children, and it need not happen to your child if you are willing to provide some structured learning time during the summer. Doing this might not be the battle that you anticipate. Research shows that the majority of children actually want to be involved in activities that will prepare them for the next grade.

Our activities are primarily designed for children with average or above-average math skills. Children working below grade level in math will need more formal help as suggested by their teachers.

The more fun your child has with summer math activities, the more interested he will be in doing them. We would like you to explore with him some of the hundreds of Web sites offering math activities, from drills to math contests to challenging problems. Use your search engines to find several sites that intrigue your child. Here are some that we found: www.funbrain.com, www.math.com, www.mathisfun.com, www.syvum.com/teasers, www.mathcats.com, www.coolmath.com