My daughter in the fifth grade is a gifted student. She enjoys her school; however, my husband and I are always looking for summer and after-school programs to provide her with additional stimulation. Unfortunately, we never know if we have selected the right programs to challenge her. What kind of programs should we be looking for? -- Parents of a Gifted Student


You should look for programs that will allow your daughter to select areas that she is interested in investigating more thoroughly. These programs should offer multiple opportunities for her to work in groups and independently to come up with solutions to problems and to test those solutions.

If you live near a college, check into what programs they have for gifted young students. Also, many universities have online classes available, starting at the middle-school level. You can use a search engine to find these schools. Plus, the American Psychological Association has a helpful list of gifted education websites. Visit the association's home page at www.apa.org and search for "Related Gifted Education Web sites."