My 8-year-old son has been diagnosed with attention-deficit disorder with hyperactivity, and we are all coping with it. What I wonder though is: Will he get better with age? -- Wondering


You will notice improvement in your son's ability to concentrate, control his emotions and impulses, handle frustration and organize better as he gets older. The sooner children with ADHD get help, the less effect ADHD will have on their lives. Also, the degree of severity of ADHD plays a big role in how much early intervention will help. Obviously, the less severe the ADHD is, the greater the improvement.

ADHD is a neurological disorder whose symptoms can improve as children grow older. Nevertheless, throughout the school years your son is likely to lag somewhat behind his classmates. For example, if your son could focus for only five minutes at 5, his peers were probably able to stay on task for 15 minutes. However, now that he's older, he might be able to focus for 15 minutes, but his classmates will be able to focus for half an hour or more. The symptoms of ADHD can continue in varying degrees throughout one's lifetime.