No one denies the importance of having our high-school students interested in math and science. The big question is: How can we do this? So far most of the efforts to do this have been focused on what the schools can do to inspire students to take more courses. - Want to Help


Recently a project of the University of Wisconsin focused on the role parents could play in pushing their children toward enrolling in more math and science courses.

The project results were astounding. Brochures were mailed to a select group of parents on the importance of everyday math and science to daily life and various careers along with interviews with college students on the importance of these two subjects. The students whose parents received these brochures enrolled in an impressive number of math and science courses compared to those whose parents had not received the brochures.

So, if you want your children to enroll in more math and science courses, talk up the advantages of these courses, because they are likely to listen to you.