My high-school junior always wanted to work, and I said, "Yes." It started out great; my child even taught the new workers older than he was. Then he began to pick up bad habits from them, missed out on school activities, got lower grades, and began to question the value of going to college. I made him quit his job and concentrate on school.

The only way I might consider letting him get another job is if it would help him in a field he would want to work in after graduation. My friends disagree. What do you think? - No Job Policy


Most teens actually have part-time jobs, and the jobs can teach them responsibility and how to get along in the workplace. The best jobs are those that are tied to work-based school programs, as they can help students transition into careers. A decision on whether a teen should work needs to be based on the ability of the teen to handle both work and school. Not all teens should work.