My daughter is in junior high, and her teacher "friends" her students on Facebook! I feel that this is bad because the teacher posts personal information, such as "sexy dress." What should I do? -- Opposed


Start by finding out if your school district has a policy on teachers or other administrators friending students on Facebook. You can then find out if your state educators have created a policy. Armed with this information, bring the topic of Facebook and friending students up with the school principal. Point out that at least one teacher at the school is using Facebook in what you think is an inappropriate manner. Ask that a discussion of the appropriate use of Facebook by teachers be initiated by the school immediately.

You should be aware that legal issues are involved here. Teachers do have First Amendment rights to communicate with their students. At the same time, these communications should not put them in situations that are inappropriate.

Remember that teachers' Facebook pages can be an educational tool in letting them post lesson plans, answer students' questions and so on.