Even though my children who are in the second, fifth and sixth grades have desks in their rooms, they all like to study at the kitchen table as I am cooking dinner. They seem to get a lot done; however, I think that this is too distracting and they should be studying in their rooms. What is your opinion? -- Busy in the Kitchen


Every child has his or her own learning style. Some children can concentrate even though the radio or television is on and family members are talking, while others need total silence if they are to do any homework. Most study-skills experts suggest that students study in a quiet area off the beaten traffic pattern; however, this doesn't work for everyone.

If your children enjoy studying together and are getting good grades, then it is a good choice for them. Besides, you can clearly see that your children are actually working and can easily answer any appropriate questions that they might have about their assignments. Plus, they do have a set routine for studying the same time every day, which is a part of having good study skills.