My daughter, who is in fourth grade, has no study skills and loads of homework this year. What are some study skills that we should teach her? -- Concerned


Your daughter definitely will need effective study skills to succeed in school from now on. Starting and staying with the six tips below will give her some of the skills she needs:

1. Get her in the habit of writing down all assignments in a notebook or a binder she brings home every night. There should be no question about what her assignments are.

2. You can set up a special area in your home where she can do homework. Lately, however, there have been some articles saying that varying a study space may improve learning. Let your child see what works best for her.

3. Buy her a calendar so that she can write down when she has tests and the due date for each assignment. She will see that on Monday she has only four nights to study for her Friday spelling test. That way, she can prioritize what must be done for the next day by looking at her calendar.

4. Let her take short breaks when needed.

5. Teach her an effective way to handle homework. She should quickly look over all assignments and make a plan for which to handle first, second and so on. Then she should read and reread the directions for each assignment to start off on the right track. Next, make sure that she frequently reviews work that she has done. This really makes learning easier. Help her with this at first. And for things that she simply has to memorize, suggest that she create flash cards.

6.Now that she is reading content area textbooks, teach her the SQ3R technique below so she'll really remember what she reads:

S = Survey the entire assignment by reading all the headings and subheadings and the summary.

Q = Turn each heading and subheading into a Question.

R = Read all the material under a heading.

R = Recite the answer to the question for the heading.

R = Review all the material when finished by answering the questions again.