My son who will go into high school in the fall often gets quite bored during the summer. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for children this age to get a job. I would also like him to keep up his school skills. There seem to be loads of books for younger children. Do you know of any that might work for an incoming freshman? -- Not Enough to Do


Busy children are rarely bored. Your son should have definite responsibilities at home such as doing yard work or housecleaning. As far as jobs go, have him investigate baby-sitting, tutoring younger children and doing yard work or housecleaning. Could he start a window cleaning business or some other home service? There are also possible volunteer experiences in many places from nursing homes to preschools to libraries to parks and many more. Also look at what the local parks departments offer. They often have a wide range of summer activities from participation in sports to the learning of new skills.

Your son could get a head start on his classes for next year by checking out textbooks that he'll be using. It is late now to find summer education programs at high schools or colleges. However, there is the possibility of an online course. Many states offer them. Investigate these options now.