My daughter in junior high school has become the class social butterfly. Instead of completing her assignments at school during class time, she insists on just talking to her friends. Her grades are now all below a C. I ground her, the grades go up and then it becomes the same cycle. What can I do to help her change this behavior? -- For Change


We are totally amazed that so many teachers are putting up with this disruptive behavior from your daughter. Definitely a new approach is needed. You should have a meeting with the guidance counselor, your child and all of the child's teachers to develop a plan for reducing her socializing in the classroom. Surely some of these teachers are curbing her talking and could share their techniques.

It is also very important to ask your daughter for input on how her behavior could be changed. Some techniques that work include: moving her away from her friends or seating her close to the teacher or in the very back of the room. All incomplete assignments do need to be completed as homework. You will need to enforce this by having your daughter complete this work before she can do any socializing with her friends after school or in the evening.

Keep in mind that many junior high school students fall in love with socializing with their friends. While such socializing is important, the students must learn how to balance socialization and learning time. Everyone needs to work together to help your daughter achieve this balance.