My fourth-grader has made all A's since first grade. His standardized test scores show that he is very intelligent. His teachers feel he works very slowly, loses interest and is easily distracted. He misses recess at school a lot and has considerable homework most nights to catch up on his classwork. What can be done to get him on the right track at school? -- Seeking a Solution


First of all, why your son is not completing his work definitely needs to be identified. Is he a slow writer, a perfectionist or simply bored with the work? Could an attention-deficit disorder be part of the problem, or is there some other explanation? Ask your child's school for an intervention to identify and offer ways to resolve this problem.

Eliminating recess and assigning a lot of homework are obviously not solutions to your son's problems with his schoolwork. They are not changing his behavior. Study carefully how he handles his homework, as this may give you input into resolving his problems. Also, it would be a good idea to ask him why he thinks that he is not completing his work in a timely fashion.