I am the parent of a 9-year-old boy in third grade who is having a few problems memorizing his multiplication facts. Are there PC software games I can purchase to help him? He will be taking the North Carolina EOG (End-of-Grade-Test) soon. I would like to make his multiplication skills stronger for this test and for fourth grade. -- Improvement Needed


Just type in "EOG End-of-Grade Tests," and a search engine will come up with a lot of helpful websites for these math tests. You should also look at the state's website for public schools, where you can find samples of past EOG tests and see how well your son can handle them.

Unfortunately, it is rather late in the year now to prepare your child for the EOG test or to help him learn all the basic multiplication facts that he is expected to know. This is a great summer project. We suggest you visit our Dear Teacher website and search for multiplication strategies to learn facts. For now, have him use this simple strategy. Example: For 4 x 3 he should draw four horizontal lines and then three vertical lines through them. He then will count the intersections to get the answer 12.