What should parents do after a school agrees that their child has a learning disability and is eligible for services? -- Next Step


The special education process is complicated at best. So the first step parents should make is to educate themselves on federal and state laws and regulations concerning special education services. A good source for this information is the Parent Training and Information Center (PTI) in their home state. The centers do have different names in each state. You can easily find the one in your state by visiting the Center for Parent Information and Resources online at parentcenterhub.org. Many states also have Community Resource Centers (CRC) that largely provide the same services but focus more on helping parents with low incomes or limited English proficiency.

Both PTI and CRC centers will provide parents with information on the phone or through emails and websites. They are staffed with knowledgeable people. Many really understand the process of getting the right help for children with learning disabilities, as they often have children with disabilities.

These centers often have workshops, conferences and seminars for parents. They also may publish newsletters. Most of their services are free. However, parents should ask if there are costs for the services that they are seeking.