My sixth-grader learns most easily by reading. However, her teacher puts a great emphasis on lecturing and class discussion. How can I get the teacher to give my child more reading assignments? -- Visual Learner


Back in the 1970s, individual learning styles were a hot topic in education. The idea was that teachers should discover each student's learning style and teach in a way that best fit that student. Research has soundly criticized this approach. There hasn't been any solid evidence that students will learn best if taught by a method that matches their individual learning styles.

Your daughter has a preference to learn through reading. Most people do have a favorite way of processing information. At the present time, researchers do not know if teachers should take account of these preferences to facilitate learning.

You certainly can talk to your child's teacher about the child's learning preferences. It is quite possible that the teacher would be able to give your child a list of materials to read that might make it easier for her to learn certain subjects. Be very careful that you are not criticizing the teacher's teaching style when you talk with him or her.