My son has always been an indifferent student and never cared too much about school. He will be graduating from high school this year and has absolutely no desire to go to college. I have talked myself blue in the face, explaining how much more money he will make with additional education. Should I pressure him to go to college? - Uncertain


College is such a serious investment of time and money that it should be something that students are truly committed to doing. It should have purpose for them. If it doesn't, they are likely to drift from major to major and ultimately drop out, as about 50 percent of all college students do before graduation.

College is not the only way for your son to have a financially rewarding career. In this technologically based economy, however, he is going to need training to acquire marketable skills. This can be accomplished through community and vocational college programs, the armed services or apprenticeships.

Remember, no decision about college is irrevocable. After being in the work force for a while, your son might gain an interest in attending college. Focus now on helping him decide what he would like to do after graduation. Encourage him to talk with a school career counselor to learn more about possible careers.