How to Compare New and Old SAT Scores

My daughter got her new SAT scores back in May. She will be applying to college this year. How can she tell if her scores are good enough to get her admitted to the colleges she is considering attending? The colleges only give the range of the old SAT scores for those who were admitted. -- Dilemma Answer: The College Board anticipated your dilemma. It now has available concordance tools -- including the SAT Score Converter app. It is available at These tools will let your child easily compare scores on the old SAT, new SAT and the ACT. Colleges will also use these concordance tables to compare students' scores on the new SAT to scores on the old SAT, or vice versa. Once your daughter has converted her new SAT score to the old SAT scores that colleges provide, she will see if her scores are likely to be high enough for admittance to the colleges she would like to attend. If her SAT scores are below the range of those admitted at schools she would like to attend, she can retake the new SAT. However, before she does this, your daughter will need to devote considerable time to preparing for retaking the test. By taking practice tests under test conditions, she can determine if her SAT scores are improving. To up her scores, she can take an SAT course, find a tutor or study old tests. Both the College Board and Khan Academy provide world-class SAT practice, entirely for free. ** *