My child seems likely to get into many colleges. Should she send extra material to enhance her applications? If so, what should she send? -- Enhancing


When filling out applications, usually the best policy is to make sure that students concentrate their efforts on making sure they give schools everything that is asked for on the applications.

They need to take time when writing essays to make them vivid and interesting. Plus, they must check carefully for spelling and grammar errors. It is even a good idea to have a parent or teacher check their essays.

Students need to remember that more is not always better. Most students only submit what is required. If they decide to submit additional materials, they should make sure that they are worth it. In this category are materials that showcase their talents, hobbies or passions. They may wish to include for consideration additional recommendation letters from teachers or employers, a portfolio, a music CD or a creative writing piece.

One additional point: Students need to take the time to check their Facebook page and tweets, as it is very important to have a positive online presence.