Do you have some tricks for bringing more math into my children's daily lives? - For More Math
Activity: In the busy world around your family, you can give your children considerable practice in using math. While moving around your community, have your young children keep their eyes open for numbers on streets and buildings so that they will be able to locate the address of where you are going. When you are walking with your elementary-school children, ask them to guess how many feet or yards it is from one point to another to give them a better idea of distances. You can actually check how accurate their guesses are by stepping off the distances. Count one child's step as a foot and three as a yard, or measure their stride for greater accuracy.
When you purchase items in stores, give your children the opportunity to pay for the goods or services. Young children can put coins in newspaper boxes, pay for ice-cream cones, learn how to make purchases from vending machines. And of course, as soon as it's age-appropriate, they can pay the bill at fast-food restaurants. Older children should be taught how to determine if they have received the correct change for $5, $10 or $20 when making purchases.
Grocery stores are places where the use of math is essential. Older children can determine which item is cheaper by studying unit pricing labels. Younger children can weigh fruits and vegetables to learn about ounces and pounds.