My children do OK on tests. However, I wonder if they are preparing in the best possible ways. -- Wondering


You are on target. Knowing how to prepare for tests is the secret of doing well on them. When children do poorly on tests, their preparation has probably been inadequate. Have your children take the following quiz so they can work on any test preparation areas that need improving:

1. Are you keeping up with your class work and homework?

2. Are you completing study guides?

3. Are you taking notes on what is said in class?

4. Are you underlining, outlining or taking notes when you read textbooks?

5. Are you learning the key terms in chapters in preparation for tests?

6. Are you reading summaries and answering the end-of-chapter questions?

7. Are you reviewing frequently?

8. Are you following a study schedule?

9. Are you listening carefully when the teacher describes what will be on a test?

10. Are you spending enough time studying for tests?