Since third grade my child has been labeled as a trouble maker. He is currently in fifth grade and everything he does no matter what he gets a detention. We have a meeting scheduled with his teacher because I have heard that this information is being sent over to his junior high – labeling him even before he arrives? – Concerned


You have been hearing about your son’s behavior for several years now. Why did he start acting this way in third grade? What happened in third grade to make the year different from first and second grade before he had a label? And the big question: Why hasn’t something been done to change his behavior by you or the school?

As far as his records go, you will not be able to take out any information that teachers have put into them. However, you can look at the records and put in information expressing your take on his behavior for the junior high teachers to see.

Realistically it is past time for your son to change his image. When you meet withhis teacher, ask what can be done right now to help your son eliminate the troublemaker label. Suggest that a behavior modification plan be developed immediately so some improvement in his behavior can begin to take place at once.