I am a junior in high school who is so bored in her third-year Spanish class that I spend most of the hour trying not to fall asleep. And I hate to admit I do doze off occasionally. I'm getting straight A's in Spanish. What can I do to avoid being so bored? -- Muy Aburida


One trick to abolishing boredom in any class is to increase participation. Another is to think of something challenging that you could do during the class to increase your knowledge of Spanish. For example, if any English is used in the class, you could get in the habit of mentally translating it into Spanish.

Talk with the teacher about how you can challenge yourself more in this class. Try to be specific in your suggestions. Perhaps you could do some more advanced work during the class -- such as reading well-known Spanish literature.

Incidentally, is boredom the real reason you are falling asleep? Or could it be a case of not getting enough sleep at night?