Now that students are busy applying to colleges, I wanted to add more to an earlier column on retaking the SAT. There is no reason not to retake the SAT, especially if a student does some preparation for the test. Most students improve a great deal from their first test scores. A new set of higher scores can open more doors and might improve the odds of getting into a specific college.

Also, many students do not realize and are not told that many schools have a "rolling admission" policy. Their best chance of getting into these schools is to apply as soon as applications are available. My three children all had a college acceptance in their hands by October of their senior year because they had applied before the start of their senior year. My youngest was told he was foolish to apply for everything so early, but he got accepted at his dream school by the end of October and received a full Naval ROTC scholarship to pay his way. -- Early Birds


Unfortunately, not all students improve their SAT scores. According to the College Board, only 55 percent of junior test-takers improve their scores as seniors. In applying to schools with rolling admissions, it makes sense for students to apply early if they are strong candidates for admission. If they aren't, they may wish to wait in hopes of improving their college admission test scores or high-school grades.