I'm a young, home-schooled student who has recently applied to a college, and I need to take the GED for admittance. I went to a GED test center and was told that in our state the law does not allow anyone younger than 17 years and 10 months to take the exam. I have just moved here from another state where the law is different. Is it possible to take the GED in a state besides the one in which you are a resident? -- Home-schooled


States do vary in their age requirements for the GED. However, you can't just take this test in any state. You must take it in the state where you are currently a resident.

We suggest that you contact the college where you have applied for admission and explain the situation. While many colleges still require either a GED or high-school diploma, the number is decreasing substantially every year. Colleges typically are relying on SAT or ACT scores and/or a portfolio for admission of students who have been home-schooled. Ask the college where you have applied if they will accept either the SAT or ACT in place of the GED.