My daughter, who should be a senior in high school in the fall, wants to drop out and get her GED. She does plan to go to college after getting her GED. Do you think that there are any disadvantages of my daughter completing high school in this way? -- Wondering


There are a few disadvantages to getting a GED instead of a high school diploma. Unfortunately, research shows that only one in 10 GED recipients earns a college degree. Other negatives include having to explain to colleges why she dropped out of high school and having a lesser depth of knowledge than most students completing their senior year.

Most colleges will accept students with GED certificates. Your daughter needs to talk to admissions counselors at colleges she would like to attend to find out their policies. She may need to take additional tests to prove her readiness for college-level courses. She also should visit your state's GED website to learn about age and other requirements for taking the test.