I just graduated from high school and haven't found any colleges to go to this fall. My family and I don't know where to begin looking. Please help me get started. -- Class of 2011


Most students have decided where they will be attending college before they graduate. By waiting so long to even think about possible choices, you have narrowed your choices. Deadlines for the submission of applications have passed at many schools. Others, with rolling admissions, have filled all their slots for freshmen. Fortunately for you, it is possible to be admitted to some colleges even after they have started.

Establish immediately what you are looking for in a college: major, size, location, admission requirements and cost. Application deadlines for admission also need to be included in this list. You can find colleges that meet your special parameters by searching online at many websites, including collegeboard.com and petersons.com.

Since you have been so slow to start the college admissions process, we wonder how interested you are in attending college. A local community college could be the right way to introduce yourself to the college experience.